Witches are women with magical powers in the Cornelia Funke universe.

Reckless Edit

Witches are beings in the Mirrorworld who appear identical to human women but are seemingly very different creatures altogether. The most defining characteristic is their ability to cast spells but their powers are weaker compared to the magic of fairies.

Witches vary in appearance because they can make themselves look however they wish whether it be an old woman or a hag with chicken talons. While fairies are creatures of water and earth, witches are creatures of the fire element.

Appearance Edit

Witches resemble human women but a witch can look whatever age or way she desires.

Types of Witches Edit

Healers Edit

These witches heal people usually of magical illnesses or curses. They use broomsticks to fly and are benign.

Child-eaters Edit

Evil witches who devour children. They are more powerful than the healers. The Ginderbread Witch from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel is the most famous child-eater.

Baba Yaga Edit

Baba yagas are extremely powerful witches. They live in cottages that walk on giant, animal legs (usually chicken legs in myths but the one Jacob encountered had blood-red lizard legs).

Baba yagas are feared and with good reason. People and animals who touch her cottage walls become wood carvings, people who bring death to her door will find only death and death is meaningless within their walls for the baba yaga eats time like bread.