"I, William Longspee, will not find peace until I have cleansed my soul from all my sinful deeds. For this I will protect the innocent from the cruel, and the weak from the strong. This I swear, so help me God."
—William Longspee's oath
William Longspeé
William Longspee
Occupation Earl
Gender Male
Family members Ela Longspee (spouse)

Henry II of England (father)
Ida de Tosny (mother)
Various half brothers

Race/Species Human


Fate Deceased
Appearances Ghost Knight

William Longespée was an English noble and the Earl of Salisbury. He was the illegitimate child of Henry the Second and Ida de Tosny. His half brother, Richard the Lionheart, married him to Ela Longspee.



Longspee was poisoned by


Main article: Ghost Knight



Ella of SalisburyEdit

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