Book cover of Die Wilden Hühner, Fuchsalarm. From left to right: Wilma, Trude, Melanie, Frieda and Sprotte.

Die wilden Hühner is a children's series written by German author Cornelia Funke, revealed to soon be published in the UK as C.H.I.X., consist of five books all published by Cecile-Dressler-Verlag between 1993 and 2003, in German and Polish. Three film adaptions have been released.


The series revolve around four (later five) girls who lead relatively ordinary lives but have to deal with problems like divorce.


The protagonists are four, later five, girls. At the start of the book, the girls are eight to nine years old.

The main protagonist is spunky Charlotte (Sprotte), her best friend level-headedFrieda, shy bespectacled Trude, her best friend the beautiful, vain Melanie, and later tough boy-hating Wilma


The books, in order, are (in German): Die Wilden Hühner, published 1993, Die Wilden Hühner auf Klassenfahrt, published 1995, Die Wilden Hühner, Fuchsalarm, published 1998, Die Wilden Hühner und das Glück der Erde, published 2000, Die Wilden Hühner und die Liebe, published 2003.