Victor Getz



Victor Getz is a main character in The Thief Lord.


Victor’s character does nothing but gain throughout the Thief Lord. He gains friendship, a new partnership and becomes a better detective. At the beginning of the novel Victor is not described as being an overly great detective, the Hartlieb’s being ‘the first clients to come to (him) because they’ve lost their children’ suggesting that he is inexperienced in this area and not giving himself a great reputation. As Victor’s name means conqueror and so he conquers the task and finds the children. He wins Bo’s affections easily by using pigeons as a decoy. Being young Bo was easily amused by Victor’s trouble and with sweet talk Bo relays information easily. But Victor’s kindness seems to rule over his job and he starts to feel compassion for them. What he lacks in detective skills he makes up for in his compassion. Instead of completing his job he bargains with the children, ‘the Hartlieb’s will not hear anything from me-not unless I hear about any strange break-ins over the next few weeks’. Victor is the one to find Bo when he goes missing and becomes almost a father figure to Bo and the others and Bo hints at this when he mentions that Scipio’s ‘daddy’s horrible…you’re much nicer’ proving that Bo considers Victor like a father. Last of all Scipio becomes Victor’s apprentice although Scipio doesn’t leave him much choice but still Victor has gained an extra pair of hands and has the chance to take a seat back.


Victor ran away once when he was young, but only managed to cope for an afternoon. At dusk he returned home, feeling sad and sorry for himself.

The Thief LordEdit

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Victor was ingehuurd deur Esther en Max Hartlieb te Vinden Prosper en Bo, sterven de weg naar Venetië Hebben gelopen. Terwijl ZE stalking, Wordt HIJ ontvoerd deur De kinderen. HIJ vertelt DAT ZE Gaan naar Dottore Massimo huis 's, en als de Kinderen te Gaan OM this te DOEN, Ontdekken ze Scipio Daar, Gekleed in dure kleren. Victor Loopt weg van de Stella gedurende De Tijd DAT ZE afwezig Waren, met de belofte Niet te vergeten de Hartliebs vertellen where ze waren als ZE Niet beroven van de houten vleugel van Ida Spavento house 's.


Victor has a love of disguises, and has many fake mustaches and a collection of beards.


He plays a father like role in this book. He cares for the children and develops a very close bond with them eventually. His concern for the children is shown when he gives his word of honour. Even Bo compares him with Scipio’s dad declaring he is a lot better than Dottor Massimo. He also builds a romantic relationship with Ida Spavento and is shown in the book that he seems to love Ida; he opens doors for her and helps her with the groceries. The only thing he doesn't like is Ida's smoking habits .


Victor has two pet turtles, Paula and Lando.

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