No image
Occupation Servant (formerly)
Home Greenbloom home
Gender Male
Race/Species Homunculus
Fate Alive
Appearances Dragon Rider

Twigleg is one of twelve homunculi created by Petrosius, and is the only homunculus left of the twelve, the rest being devored by NettlebrandHe formerly was Nettlebrand's servant, and his duties consisted primarily of polishing Nettlebrand's armour. 



Twigleg and 11 other unnamed homunculi brothers were created in an experiment by the alchemist Petrosius, along with the dragon-like creature Nettlebrand.

Dragon RiderEdit

Twigleg is sent by his "master" Nettlebrand to spy on Ben and the Greenblooms, Sorrel and Firedrake after finding out about the Rim of the Heaven until he was replaced with the dwarf, Gravelbeard.

Phyiscal AppearenceEdit

He is short in size and looks spider- like with red hair to other that knows or seen him.

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