The Empress
Therese of Austry
Occupation Empress
Home Mirrorworld
Gender Female
Family members Amalie (daughter)

Crookback (cousin)

Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Reckless

Therese of Austry, known to most simply as the Empress, was the reigning monarch of the Mirrorworld before King Kami'en.


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The Empress is losing the war against the Goyl. They finally negotiate, the Empress signing an agreement to give her daughter, Amalie, to the first Goyl King, Kami'en.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Empress's beauty is legendary. War and defeat marks her face. The lines around her brows are more defined, the shadows under her eyes darker, and an even colder gaze than before.


The Empress is extremely proud and takes great measures to keep her pride.


Amalie of AustryEdit

The Empress loves her daughter and means well for her and wants Amalie to be the next ruling monarch, but their personalities tend to clash. Amalie was horrified when the Empress tried to kill Kami'en.

Jacob RecklessEdit

Jacob has had seven audiences with the Empress personally, and she has hanged a portrait of Jacob in her palace since he found Cinderella's glass slipper for her. Despite Jacob interfering with the Empress's guests and sneaking into her palace uninvited, the Empress refuses to kill him because he is one of her best treasure hunters, better than his mentor, Albert Chanute.

Albert ChanuteEdit

Not much is known about their relationship except the Empress remarks that Chanute used the same disrespectful tone with the Empress's father as Jacob with the Empress.

The Dark FairyEdit

The Empress hates the Dark Fairy, blaming her for the loss of her pride, and for being one of the two reasons the Empress thinks are why the Goyl are winning.


Therese's pride is lost when Austry loses, for the first time. She is angered by the fact she has to give Kami'en her daughter's hand in marriage. When Therese unsuccessfully tries to assassinate him at their wedding, Kami'en is enraged.