The Thief Lord
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The following are noted differences between the originaI The Thief Lord book and The Thief Lord film. This page contains spoilers from both.

Differences between the movie and the bookEdit

  • Barbarossa has a red beard in the books but not in the movie
  • Bo is five years old in the book but in the movie he says himself that he is "6 and a quarter."
  • Mosca's father wasn't mentioned in the book, however in the story, he has a father who was lost at sea.
  • Victor meets Ida towards the end of the book, but in the movie they knew each other from the start.
  • The magical elements are introduced earlier in the movie.
  • In the novel Prosper and Bo are brought to the Thief Lord by Hornet but in the movie, Scipio discovers them when they were being chased by a pharmacist when Prosper was trying to shoplift medicines for Bo.
  • Near the end of the book Barbarossa tries the roundabout and brakes the wing off, but in the movie when Barbarossa tries it the whole roundabout ends up in flames.