The Thief Lord
The Thief Lord poster
Director Richard Claus
Producer Richard Claus
Based on The Thief Lord
Starring Aaron Johnson

Jasper Harris
Alice Connor
Rollo Weeks
George Mackay

Studio Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Future Films Limited
Comet Film
Thema Production

Release date 2006
Country Luxembourg

UK Germany

The Thief Lord is a 2006 British-German family film directed by Richard Claus. It is a joint production of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Future Films Limited, Comet Film, and Thema Production. The film is distributed by Warner Brothers. The DVD was released on March 14, 2006, and the one disc-edition includes a theatrical trailer that ran in theaters in Europe and Mosca's cartoon from the movie itself.

It was nominated for the 2006 World Soundtrack Awards, with Original Music by Nigel Clarke and Michael Csányi-Wills. The screenplay was written by Richard Claus and Daniel Musgrave, based on the novel of the same name, by German author Cornelia Funke.


The tale follows two recently orphaned brothers, Bo (Jasper Harris) and Prosper (Aaron Johnson), dumped in the care of their aunt, Esther Hartlieb, who plans to adopt Bo and send Prosper off to boarding school They escape their impending separation by running off to Venice. Hiding in the canals and alleyways of the city, the boys slowly run out of money. Prosper thus resorts to stealing cough medicine from the pharmacy. He is nearly caught but rescued by Scipio (Rollo Weeks), taking them to an old cinema theater, the home base of a gang of young urchins (whom they soon befriend). The children steal from the rich to support themselves and soon capture the interest of a bumbling detective, Victor. However, a greater threat to the children is something from a forgotten past: a beautiful magical treasure that can change the age of anyone who rides it.


Rollo Weeks: Scipio

Aaron Johnson: Prosper

Jasper Harris: Bo

George MacKay: Riccio

Alexei Sayle: Barbarossa

Jim Carter : Victor

Caroline Goodall: Ida

Alice Connor: Hornet

Geoffrey Hutchings: The Contenders

Carole Boyd: Esther Hartlieb

Bob Goody : Max Hartlieb

Robert Bathurst: Dottore Massimo

Vanessa Redgrave: Sister Antonia