The Summer Gang
Author(s) Cornelia Funke
Publisher(s) Chicken House
English publication date April 5, 2012
ISBN ISBN 1-904-44286-2
Followed by The New Girl

The Summer Gang is a 2012 children's novel. It is the first in the C.H.I.X.. series, which is loosely based on The Wild Chicks.



The chix was my idea, Charlie. Charlie, Hannah, Izzy and my BFF Xa. Againist the piranhas!

Detailed Plot SummaryEdit

When Charlie decides to start a girl gang against the piranhas, she never knew it would start off as all sorts of trouble. Pranks are being played, love notes are being written, and even the police get involved. Will the C.H.I.X and the Piranhas ever make a truce and get along, or will they never calm down?

This is the first book in Cornelia Funke's C.H.I.X series.


  • The character's names in the C.H.I.X. series are different from those of the Wild Chicks