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Teresa Folchart
Teresa Folchart
Occupation Scribe (formerly)
Home Old house

Elinor's house

Gender Female
Family members Mortimer Folchart (husband)

Meggie Folchart (daughter)
Unnamed boy (son)
Elinor Loredan (aunt)

Hair colour Blonde (formerly)

Dark blonde

Eye colour Blue
Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Inkheart


Portrayed by Sienna Guillory

Teresa "Resa" Folchart is the niece of Elinor Loredan, the wife of Mortimer Folchart, and the mother of Meggie Folchart and an unnamed boy.


Resa was the favourite niece of Elinor Loredan. Her parents

Meeting MoEdit

While Resa was visiting Elinor, by chance Mo happened to be over helping Elinor to repair her books. They eventually married and had a daughter, Meggie. Things came out of her picture books, including a feather and a tiny shoe, which were put in Meggie's book box. Mo would read aloud to his immediate family every evening.

Read into InkheartEdit

One day when Mo returned with yet another crate of books, Inkheart was amongst them. Since Resa loved tales of adventure, for that night she chose Inkheart. The couple enjoyed the story, since it was exciting, well written, and full of amazing creatures. Mo had just begun reading the seventh chapter when Basta, Dustfinger, and Capricorn appeared, standing in the doorway to the corridor outside the room. Resa was missing, along with the two cats they owned who were curled on their laps like they did each evening Mo read aloud. Resa and the cats went in the Inkworld; Basta, Dustfinger and Capricorn went out.

Working as a scribeEdit

Resa disguised herself as a man and worked as a scribe, but Mortola, Capricorn's mother, discovered her disguise. According to the laws of the Inkworld, Resa was liable to become Mortola's slave. During her time of servitude, her blonde hair darkened.

Returning to her worldEdit

At some point, Capricorn found himself a reader, Darius. But though Darius was a Silvertongue, his reading was faulty, and he stumbled as he read, resulting in many disfigurations in the servants Darius brought out for Capricorn. Resa returned back to her world six years prior to the events of Inkheart and due to Darius' stumbles she lost her voice along the way.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Resa has blue eyes and blonde hair that had darkened during Resa's years of slavery to Mortola, the Magpie. She looks much like Meggie, with the same eyes, hair, and mouth, and laughs in the same way.


"She always did like tales of adventure-stories full of brightness and darkness. She could tell you the names of all King Arthur's knights, and she knew everything about Beowulf and Grendel, the ancient gods and the not-quite-so-ancient heroes. She liked pirate stories, too, but most of all she loved books that had at least a knight or a dragon or a fairy in them. She was always on the dragon's side, by the way. There didn't seem to be any of them in Inkheart, but there was any amount of brightness and darkness, fairies and goblins. Your mother liked goblins as well:hobgoblins, bugaboos, the Fenoderee, the folletti with their butterfly wings, she knew them all."
Mo about Resa Inkheart, page 137

Resa has a love of colored candles, smooth stones, which she keeps in her pockets. She enjoyed having her husband read to her, and her favourite tales were those of adventure, stories full of brightness and darkness. She knew a lot about books. She was fond of pirate stories too, but most of all Resa loved fantasy books with amazing creatures and a dragon or a knight, in which she would root for the dragon. Resa is easily amused.


Mortimer FolchartEdit

Meggie FolchartEdit

Elinor LoredanEdit

Resa is Elinor's favourite niece. They have known each other since Resa had learnt how to walk "holding onto Elinor's bookshelves for support". It was at Elinor's house the visiting Resa met her future husband, the bookbinder Mortimer Folchart.