Slatebeard addressing his fellow dragons from a rock
Gender Male
Race/Species Silver dragon
Fate Unknown
Appearances Dragon Rider

Slatebeard is a supporting character who plays a big role in Dragon Rider.


Dragon RiderEdit

Slatebeard is first introduced as the oldest, wisest silver dragon residing at the valley, apparently their last sanctuary. When Rosa Greytail informs the dragons that humans are coming with the intention of destroying their home, most of the dragons refuse to believe her, save Slatebeard, Sorrel and Firedrake. Slatebeard talks to the dragons on a tall rock, suggesting that they attempt to find the legendary Rim of Heaven. This isn't taken seriously by anyone but Firedrake.

Later, Firedrake meets Slatebeard in his cave. Before they depart, Slatebeard warns Firedrake to "beware the Golden One", later revealed to be a warning about Nettlebrand, and advises he take along Sorrel, claiming that her suspiciousness and quick mind would do them good.

Physical AppearanceEdit




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