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Saving Mississippi is a 2006 children's film based on German author Cornelia Funke's novel of the same name.



Emma: Zoe Charlotte Mannhardt

Dolores "Dolly" Blumentritt: Katharina Thalbach

Albert, Goose Man: Jim Carrey

Veterinarian, Dr. Knapp: Hans Löw Leo

Emma's friend: Karl Alexander Seidel

Max, Leo's brother: Constantine Kaucher

Ms Strietzel: Margit Carstensen

Hinnerk: Milan Peschel

Elsbeth Dockenfuß, Dolly's neighbour: Angelika Bötetiger

Henriette, Dolly's friend: Heidi Mahler

Alma, Dolly's friend Margit Bendokat

Martha, Henrietta's mother: Heidi Kable

Horse killer Pit: Ingo Naujoks

Village police officer: Otto Detlev Buck

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