Family members Scipio Massimo (adoptive brother)
Boniface (adoptive brother)
Prosper (adoptive brother)
Caterina Grimani (adoptive sister)
Mosca (adoptive brother)
Victor Getz (adoptive father)
Ida Spavento (adoptive mother)

Riccio, nicknamed Hedgehog, is a street urchin and part of Scipio's gang.

The name Riccio in exact translation means ‘hedgehog’ a name that this character is often referred to although apparently because ‘his brown hair always stuck out in every direction’ and not simply because that is his name. Riccio is a ‘scrawny boy’ with a rather spikey temper to go with his name. He often goes off on one before really knowing the details, in other words he does things without thinking and not waiting to find out if there was a reason for it. For instance he overreacts when Mosca lets Victor help him with his radio, not giving Mosca a chance to explain himself Riccio immediately shouts at him. Having a tendency to be very opinionated and express his thoughts, Riccio resembles his name in the way that both hedgehogs and Riccio are very vocal.     Riccio has a bold sense of courage which can often lead him into trouble. Just like a hedgehog would narrowly escape being run over or risk getting caught by a predator, Riccio has narrowly escaped getting caught stealing and has managed to lose a tooth in a chase. Food is another obsession of Riccio’s ‘pressing his nose against the (pasticceria’s) window’ until Prosper agrees to get him something. Hedgehogs are known for storing for the winter and so are on the constant look out for food and so is Riccio. Scipio even gives him the job of fetching the food for everyone knowing he will get more than simply the ‘olives and spicy sausage’ that he is told to get. He is also quite kind and shy. 


Early LifeEdit

Riccio grew up in an orphanage like Scipio claimed to be (this was later proven false).

Becoming Part of Scipio's GangEdit

Riccio, Mosca, and Hornet joined Scipio's gang when Scipio caught Riccio stealing from him. Scipio made Riccio explain, and he brought them to the Stella, a rundown film theatre that his former father, Dottore Massimo, closed down.

The Thief LordEdit

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Playful, but is very serious during the right moments.


Riccio is not particarly physically attractive. He has brown hair that sticks out everywhere, which is what earns his nickname. He likes to eat sweets, so he has bad, yellow teeth, in addition to a lost tooth that was the result of a chase.