Princess Pigsty
Princess pigsty
Author(s) Cornelia Funke
Translator Chantal Wright
Illustrator Kerstin Meyer
Publication date April 7 2007
ISBN ISBN 043988554X
Princess Pigsty is a 2007 picture book by German author Cornelia Funke, illustrated by Kerstin Meyer, translated by Chantal Wright.




One morning Princess Isabella throws her crown out the window-it's BORING being a princess, she declares. When she steadfastly refuses to fetch her crown from the fishpond, her father, the king, puts his royal foot down. "Off to the pigsty with you!" he commands--and Isabella couldn't be happier about her punishment! Because while plain old princesses spend all their time primping and smiling and stifling yawns-yuckety-yuk!-REAL girls get to peel onions, pick blackberries, and sometimes even sleep outside with the pigs.

Detailed Plot SummaryEdit

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