Pirate Girl
Author(s) Cornelia Funke
Translator Chantal Wright
Illustrator Kerstin Meyer
Publication date June 1, 2005

Pirate Girl is a 2005 picture book by German author Cornelia Funke. It is illustrated by Kerstin Meyer and translated by Chantal Wright.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ferocious pirate Captain Firebeard THINKS that he and the ruthless crew of the Horrible Haddock rule the high seas. But Firebeard and his band meet their match when they kidnap a small but feisty girl named Molly. Even after the pirates threaten Molly with sharks and make her scrub the deck, she is utterly defiant - and will NOT tell Firebeard who her parents are. All the while, Molly is busy sending secret messages in bottles...but to whom? When her rescuers arrive, the pirates are in for a real surprise! For the TRUE fiercest pirate on the seas is none other than Molly's mother!