Nettlebrand illustrated by Cindy Soumeru
Gender Male
Race/Species Dragon
Fate Deceased
Appearances Dragon Rider

Nettlebrand, also known as the Golden One, is the main antagonist in the standalone children's novel Dragon Rider.


 Creation and enslavery of TwiglegEdit

Created by an alchemist in the medieval times, he was meant to hunt down dragons for their horns. The alchemist wanted dragon horns to make gold. He made Nettlebrand have the power to communicate and to travel through water. Nettlebrand's armor is invincible to dragon fire. Nettlebrand ate his alchemist and Twigleg's homunculus brothers. However, Twigleg was spared as he needed someone to polish his armor.

Dragon RiderEdit

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Physical appearanceEdit

He is a big golden dragon. He is unable to fly because he has heavy armor on. He has two horns and ears on his head. His scales are very thick, and could be melted by a brownie's spit and dragon-fire.