Mrs. Reckless
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Home Reckless family home
Gender Female
Family members John Reckless (husband)

Jacob Reckless (son)
Will Reckless (son)

Race/Species Human
Fate Deceased
Appearances Reckless
Mentioned Reckless

Mrs. Reckless is the mother of Jacob and Will Reckless and the wife of the absent John Reckless.


She met John Reckless and presumably married him. Together they had two children, who they named Jacob and Will.

The MirrorEdit

One day John brought home a mirror which he had mounted up on his study wall. It is unknown whether he had learnt the secret of the mirror prior to his purchase.


Main article: Reckless

When John disappears twelve years prior to the beginning of Reckless, Mrs Reckless is deeply distraught, starting to rely on sleeping pills to help her sleep, and refusing to have anything to do with John, including entering his study.

Her unhappiness is later worsened by the fact that Jacob too had learnt the secret of the mirror and his visits to the Mirrorworld and the time spent there rapidly increased. She starts to cry herself to sleep every night for five years.


Mrs Reckless was admitted to the hospital because she was gravely sick. Her son, Will, visited her a lot, and it was there he met his future girlfriend Clara, a medical student. She ultimately dies from her disease, during which the whole time Jacob was absent.

Physical AppearanceEdit



John RecklessEdit

Jacob RecklessEdit

Will RecklessEdit

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