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Mortimer "Mo" Folchart
Mortimer Folchart
Occupation Book-binder (previously)

Bluejay (previously)

Gender Male
Family members Teresa Folchart (wife)

Meggie Folchart (daughter)
Unnamed boy (son)
Elinor Loredan (aunt-in-law)

Race/Species Human
Weapon Voice
Fate Living in the Inkworld
Appearances Inkheart


Portrayed by Brendan Fraser

Mortimer "Mo" Folchart is one of the main characters in the Inkheart trilogy.


Early LifeEdit

Mo enjoyed reading aloud even as a young boy. He first discovered he was a Silvertongue when he was reading Tom Sawyer aloud to a friend and a dead cat suddenly appeared on the carpet. Later they noticed that a stuffed toy of Mo's was missing. They swore to each other to keep the incident secret. In his later life, he repeatedly tried reading aloud again in secret, without any listeners. He kept all of the things that came out except the snozzcumber from The BFG.

Meeting ResaEdit

Presumably while helping Elinor repair her many books, Mo met Resa, Elinor's niece, who happened to be visiting. They eventually married and had a daughter, Meggie. Things came out of the picture books, including a feather and a tiny shoe, which were put in Meggie's book box. Mo would read aloud to his immediate family every evng.

Reading InkheartEdit

When Mo bought another crate full of books from a secondhand bookshop, Inkheart was amongst them. Resa got Mo to read it to her that evening because she always liked tales of adventures. They enjoyed the story, since it was exciting, well written, and full of amazing creatures. Mo had just begun reading the seventh chapter when Basta, Dustfinger, and Capricorn appeared, standing in the doorway to the corridor outside the room. Resa was missing. Luckily, all three were dazed because they hadn't fully arrived in our world and Basta and Capricorn hadn't their full strength, and Mo managed to grab Basta's sword and drive the two away.

Mo searched the whole house, but Resa was nowhere to be seen. He put Meggie to bed, telling her that Resa had gone to sleep. He tried again and again to read Resa back out, careful not to let Meggie in the room, but the only things that came out was a glass man, who took the place of a mailman who was outside the house. Mo then realised that Meggie wasn't safe from the danger of transporting to the Inkworld anywhere, and vowed never to read again. He told Elinor that Resa went on "some stupid adventure" and never came back, and that the injury he got when he was smote by Capricorn's sword by climbing through a broken window.




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