Meggie Folchart
Meggie Folchart
Meggie as portrayed by Eliza Bennett in Inkheart
Age 12 (Inkheart)
Home Old house (formerly

Elinor's house (formerly)

Gender Female
Family members Mortimer Folchart (father)

Teresa Folchart (mother)
Unnamed boy (brother)
Elinor (great-aunt)

Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Race/Species Human
Weapon Voice
Fate Living in the Inkworld
Appearances Inkheart


Portrayed by Eliza Bennett

Mirabel O'Keefe (younger self)

Meggie Folchart, a Silvertongue, is the daughter of Teresa Folchart and Mortimer Folchart, and the sister of an unnamed boy.


Early lifeEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Meggie has light blonde hair and blue eyes. Meggie looks much like her mother, with the same eyes, hair (though Resa's had darkened during her time in Mortola's servitude), and mouth, and laughs in the same way.

Personality and traitsEdit

Meggie has inherited her father's great love of reading. She is curious by nature. She loves to help out people.


Mortimer FolchartEdit

During her mother's absense, Meggie grew to love her father dearly, even wishing she looked more like him. According to Dustfinger, she thought Mo could protect her from the world. When Death took Mortimer away, Meggie got extremely upset and refused to talk to Resa or Farid.

Resa FolchartEdit

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Meggie was kind to Farid when they first met, trapped in the Capricorn's Village. He quickly began to have feelings for her and she later returned them when he warned her about Basta a year later. She agreed to read him into the Inkworld for him, under the agreement that she could come too - although Farid originally disagreed with this as he thought it was too dangerous. Their relationship continued to grow and he eventually kissed her when he told her that he would be staying with Dustfinger to protect him but asked if she would come visit. When she, Farid and Dustfinger were searching for Meggie's parents, they continued to grow close as he was often comforting her, complimenting her, joking with her and kissing her, even to the point that Farid joked that she "belonged to him now". When Meggie was taken prisoner in the Castle of Night, Farid thought of her continually and was eager to know when they would be rescuing her. After Farid was stabbed in the back and killed by Basta, Meggie stayed with him and claimed that she would like him back, although he couldn't. When Farid is returned to life, he doesn't realise it until Meggie is in front of him and hugging him. When Farid realises that Dustfinger is dead, he spends less time with Meggie and often doesn't let her take his hand as he's obsessed with saving Dustfinger. He eventually leaves her for a while to work for Orpheus (instead of staying with Meggie, Resa and Mo) in the hope that he would read Dustfinger back to life but hugs Meggie first (when he's sure that Mo wasn't watching as he feels that you could never be sure with fathers) and promises that the story would have a happy ending. At the start of Inkspell, Meggie is missing Farid as it had been twelve days since he came to see her. She decides that she wouldn't speak to him next time she saw him, but when she did, she was too happy although she later became jealous that he hadn't been to see her because he was following Roxanne to find out where she had buried Dustfinger, although she always caught him. Even when he was meant to be taking Meggie back to Roxanne's farm, Meggie tells him that she wanted to wait for Mo and Farid doesn't object, but says "at least let me kiss you otherwise the guards will wonder what we're doing." He comforted her when the ews broke out that Mo had been captured. Whilst she was with the Strolling Players, she shows that she is feeling lovesick about Farid, particularly when Farid appeared at the camp, but only to talk to Mo. After Farid pursuaded Mo to call the White Women and Mo was killed, Meggie hated him for convincing him to do such which makes him return to Orpheus. When Farid returns to the Strolling Players with Dustfinger, he becomes jealous of Doria who comforts Meggie often and she kissed him on the cheek to say 'thank you'. He continues to become jealous of Doria and even kisses Meggie on the mouth in front of him, which he hadn't done for weeks, although Doria and the children he was with didn't agree that he kissed her back, to which Doria thought was good. At the end of Inkdeath, Meggie had fallen in love with Doria instead. Farid tries to make up with Meggie by asking her to join him around Inkworld, but Meggie said that she didn't want to go but wished him luck. Farid attempts to kiss her but Meggie turns her head and returns to Doria, who she later marries.

Elinor LoredanEdit

Meggie's great aunt.


Meggie dislikes Dustfinger at first sight. She is extremely impressed by his skill with fire and decides to trust Dustfinger as he is the only one who can lead her to her father. She later hates Dustfinger with a burning hatred when she discovers he betrayed them. Dustfinger mentions that though it was easy to hand Mo over to Capricorn, it would be harder with Meggie, and for some reason he wants Meggie's trust.


She hates him.  He is lying, treacherous, self-serving, and tried to have her father killed.

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