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Max Hartlieb
Max Hartlieb
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Max Hartlieb



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  • Ernesto Barbarossa (adopted son)

Max Hartlieb is a supporting character in The Thief Lord.


Max Hartlieb starts an "expensive search" along with his wife, to find her nephews, then reaching the conclusion they are in Venice.

The Thief LordEdit

Their hotel concierge recommends Victor Getz to them for finding the boys. Returning to his home country on urgent business, he boards the plane alone whilst Esther and their newly adopted son were visiting the Doge's Palace.


—speaker [[The Thief Lord]], page 9

Max is extremely tall. He has small, dull eyes, with a serious, no-nonsense face.


he is dumb,non-expecting and boring

doesnt like to have fun


Esther hartlieb

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