This article is about Zelda Littlejohn's childhood friend. For Jon Whitcroft's mother, see Margaret Whitcroft.
Occupation Cashier
Gender Female
Family members Unnamed man (husband)


Eye colour Blue
Appearances Ghost Knight

Margaret is a cashier who works in the museum shop, presumably Fox Talbot Museum. She is the wife of an unnamed man. She went to school together with Zelda Littlejohn, and still remain friends with her.


Margaret attended the same school as Zelda Littlejohn. They became friends during that time and Zelda let her copy her homework. Later, Margaret married an "idiot", with whom she had at least one child, because it is mentioned that she has grandchildren. Margaret and Zelda still keep in touch, and Margaret occasionally comes over to Zelda's house for tea.

Ghost KnightEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

"Margaret was standing behind the cash register. She was quite tall and so big that you could've fit four Zeldas into her clothes. Her watery blue eyes bulged a little, giving her a look of being constantly surprised."
Jon Whitcroft on Margaret's appearance




Margaret and Zelda went to the same school when they younger, where they befriended one another, and Zelda alledgedly let Margaret copy her homework. Currently Zelda and Margaret remain friends, and occasionally Margaret comes over to Zelda's house for tea.


This unnamed man is briefly mentioned by Zelda as an idiot. They have had at least one child together, since it is confirmed Margaret has grandchildren.


  • Margaret, much like Ella and Ella's mother, greatly admires Ela of Salisbury
  • Though it is not mentioned, Margaret has at least one child, since it is confirmed that she has grandchildren