King Kami'en
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Gender Male
Family members Unnamed Goyl male (father)

Unnamed Goyl males (brothers)
The Dark Fairy (mistress)
Two unnamed Goyl females (wives)
Amalie of Austry (wife)
Therese of Austry (mother-in-law)

Eye colour Gold
Skin colour Red carnelian
Race/Species Goyl
Weapon Claws

The Dark Fairy

Appearances Reckless

King Kami'en is the King of the Goyl and a recurring character in Reckless.


His father governed one of the lower Goyl cities. His mother presumably raised him until he was nine years of age, at which then Kami'en had to fend for himself, like all Goyl.

Exploring the Upper WorldEdit

Instead of exploring the Lower World, like most Goyl his age, Kami'en was only interested in the world above, so lived in one of the cave cities aboveground which were recently built (at that time) after the Lower World cities had become too crowded, during which he survived two attacks from humans. Kami'en started studying human's weapons and their tactics, sneaked into their towns and millitary camps. He conquered his first human city when he was nineteen.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Kami'en is a red-carnelian Goyl.


Kami'en has learned to control the rage of the Goyl extremely well. He is a very good strategist.


The Dark FairyEdit


Therese of AustryEdit

The Empress hates Kami'en for ursuping her rule and for forcing her to give him her daughter's hand in marriage. She schemes to assasinate Kami'en, since Jacob, unknowing of her plan, got rid of the Dark Fairy. This fails because Jacob, in a desperate attempt to regain his brother, now the Jade Goyl, who was to be murdered along with him, summons the Dark Fairy, who returns the peace to the wedding. This scheme enrages Kami'en, and his "wedding present" to Amalie is their lives.

Amalie of AustryEdit