Jon Whitcroft
Jon Whitcroft
Age 11 (Ghost Knight)

18+ (Ghost Knight)

Gender Male
Family members Margaret Whitcroft (mother)

Mr. Whitcroft (father)†
Two unnamed females (sisters)

Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Ghost Knight

Jon Whitcroft is a student at Salisbury Cathedral School. He is the son of the late Mr. Whitcroft and Margaret Hartgill, the brother of two unnamed females, and the stepson of Matthew Littlejohn.


Early LifeEdit

When Jon is four years old his father dies. He lives in Germany with his family, but is later sent to a boarding school in Salisbury.

Ghost knightEdit

Main article: Ghostknight


Ella LittlejohnEdit

Jon thinks Ella is very pretty, and joins forces with Ella's "mad" grandmother Zelda to rescue her when ghosts capture her.

Matthew LittlejohnEdit

Jon hates his mother's boyfriend, and is annoyed when his sisters, dog and mother like him.

Stu Crenshaw and Angus Mulroney Edit

Stu and Angus are Jon's roommates at the Salisbury Cathedral School. They first don't believe his stories about ghosts, but do so later, after Jon buries Longspee's heart at his wife's feet.

William Longspee Edit

He is the ghost Jon and Ella call upon to vanquish Stourton.


  • Jon is based on Cornelia's son, Ben Funke, in some way.
  • Cornelia Funke says Jon is a younger version of her "brilliant" British literary agent, though this way confirmed to be unintended.