John Reckless
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Home Reckless family home (formerly)

Goyl territory (formerly)

Gender Male
Family members Mrs Reckless (wife)†

Jacob Reckless (son)
Will Reckless (son)

Race/Species Human
Weapon Constructing/building things
Fate Unknown
Mentioned Reckless

John Reckless is the husband of Mrs Reckless and father of Jacob and Will Reckless.


At some point, John marries Mrs Reckless and fathers Jacob and Will. One day he comes home and props up a strange looking mirror in his study.


Main article: Reckless (novel)

At the beginning of the novel it is mentioned that his father disappeared a year ago.


John is described looking very much like his son. Hentzau says Jacob looks very familiar, referring to John.


John has a love of weaponry, mainly old guns and war aircraft. It is mentioned that he can construct bridges. This suggests that he was good at mechanical engineering. It is mentioned by Hentzau that he was rather weak-willed, willingly giving away secrets and building things for Kami'en


Mrs RecklessEdit

John married Mrs Reckless at one point in his life, and they have two children together, Jacob and Will. After he disappeared (hinted to be to the Mirrorworld), Mrs Reckless resorts to using sleeping pills to help her sleep, and forbids their children to enter his study.

Jacob RecklessEdit

Jacob is said to love his father, and longs very much for John when he disappeared. It is mentioned when Jacob was young he was very proud to be allowed to paint one of the airplanes residing in John's study with red varnish.

Will RecklessEdit

Not much is known about their relationship but it can be presumed that they loved each other as father and son.