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Caterina "Hornet" Grimani is a major character in The Thief Lord and one of the street urchins taken in by Scipio .


The Thief LordEdit

Main article: The Thief Lord (novel)


She loves reading. The majority of the books she posseses are novels thrown away by tourists that she fished out of the dustbin, and even brought some of them

She also is very caring and tries her best to help people. Even though some time she tries too hard, as we see when she tries to comfort Riccio right after he has had a fight with Victor, but he just needs time to cool off.


typically has her hair in a braid. She may have a ragged look from being a "street rat".



She likes Prosper in an almost romantic way, which is mutual, and they are close friends. Hornet was the one who found Prosper and Bo.


Hornet is motherly to Bo.


Hornet and Scipio have a somewhat mixed relationship. Hornet drives Scipio crazy with her teasing. Also, Hornet disapproves of Scipio's arrogance and is the only one of the group who talks to Scipio with a barbed tongue. Hornet stood up for Scipio when Riccio and Mosca were angry with him for pretending to be the Thief Lord, vying all of their admiration.  


Her and Riccio don't talk too often, but when Riccio is upset that Scipio lied to them, she comforts him.

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