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Occupation Kami'en's right-hand man
Gender Male
Skin colour Brown Jasper
Race/Species Goyl
Weapon Claws


Fate Alive
Appearances Reckless

Hentzau is a main character in Reckless


Prior to the beginning he has already spent six years aboveground. At some point Hentzau met Kami'en, and together they beat the other Goyl chiefs. Thus Kami'en became the first ever King of the Goyl, and Hentzau was appointed to the highest military rank.


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Hentzau is first introduced as the right-hand man of the King. He is sent for by Kami'en to see him. Kami'en reveals that the Dark Fairy has seen a human growing a skin of jade in her dreams, and that the human was in the Hungry Forest, which infuriates him, since the Hungry Forest is far away.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hentzau is a brown-jasper Goyl. Like all Goyl, he has golden eyes. The cold air makes his stone skin as brittle as chalk. The years of sunlight from being aboveground has clouded his eyes and made his eyesight dim and poor.



King Kami'enEdit

Hentzau is called by many Kami'en bloodhound, or his jasper shadow. Hentzau has served under Kami'en since they challanged the other Goyl chiefs. Hentzau thinks his Kami'en can read his mind. The Dark Fairy states she would've loved to kill Hentzau, but Kami'en would forgive his death even less than that than of his future bride, Amalie of Austry, the reigning Empress, Therese of Austry's daughter, and that Hentzau was perhaps even closer to Kami'en than she (the Dark Fairy) was,

The Dark FairyEdit

Hentzau openly hates Kami'en's mistress, and has a great fear of her because of the stories that are told about Fairies, and also because of the water she, like all Fairies are born of. Hentzau says that he will die for his King if neccessary, but to search for the daydreams of his mistress was something else.


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Nesser, too, has skin of brown-jasper, except in her case, like all She-Goyl's, her's is suffosed with amethyst. Hentzau says he is fond of the girl, so is strict with her. Also, when chasing Will when Nesser goes down Hentzau lets out an enraged howl (though Nesser does not die).