Fox, born Celeste is a shape-shifter. She was given the ability to shift into the form of a vixen when she protected a wounded vixen from her two brothers, after which she found a dress on her bed.


The Fox DressEdit

When Fox was seven years old she had saved a wounded vixen from her three brothers and their sticks, and the next day she had found a russet dress on her bed that gave her the ability to shift to a fox at will. She greatly prefers her vixen form to her human form, and according to Jacob, she never takes it off, because she fears someone will steal it.

Meeting JacobEdit

Seven years after Jacob had found the Mirrorworld, he stumbled upon Fox, in her fox form, her hind leg caught in a trap. He freed her, and Fox went wherever he went since, and waited for him when he went back to his own world.

The Fairy lily and the Red FairyEdit

When the prince consort who would wed Amalie of Austry declared he was disappointed with Amalie's appearance, the Empress promised a reward for the one who would bring her a Fairy lily. Jacob, interested, paid the Dwarf Evenaugh Valiant to guide the two of them to the Island of the Fairies.

Valiant failed to warn Jacob about the unicorns guarding the entrance and, as a result, the unicorns injured him, while Valiant presented the Empress with the Fairy lily. The Red Fairy discovered him and kept Jacob with her for a year. At first, Fox tried to swim to the island after Jacob, but the Fairies chased her away. Fox faithfully waited for Jacob one whole year, after which Jacob ran out on Miranda.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Fox was born a human, but acquired a dress that enabled her to shift into a fox at will. Her fox form shows her as a fox with reddish-brown fur, like her hair and golden eyes.

Human FormEdit

"Her hair was as red as the pelt she so much preferred to her human skin. It fell down her back so long and thick that it looked almost as though she were still wearing her fur."
—Narrator on Fox's appearance Reckless, page 73

Fox has long, thick russet hair like that of a red fox's and freckled skin in her human form. She is said to be very beautiful as even Nerron, a Goyl, found her attractive.

Vixen FormEdit

"Her fur was as red as if the autumn itself had lent her its colours, except where the trap had streaked the hind leg with pale scars."
—Narrator on Fox's appearance Reckless, page 19

Fox has silky russet fur like the colour of autumn.


Fox has a motherly tendency and cares for everyone greatly. She is, like Jacob, fiercely loyal, and is shown to be clever and cunning. She is a great friend, but a worse enemy.


Jacob RecklessEdit

After Jacob saved her from the trap, Fox became his faithful companion. She shows great loyalty to him, even when he abuses their friendship and takes her for granted. It is implied that fox has feelings deeper than friendship for Jacob, however, when she sees him kiss Clara:

"She wanted skin, and lips, so he could kiss them as he had kissed Clara's lips."

- Fox, in Reckless It is also implied that Jacob looks upon Fox as more than a friend, and may even be in love with her.


Fox and Clara quickly became friends and Fox was said to have shifted into her human form more often because of Clara. However, when Jacob and Clara kissed due to the effects of Lark's Water, Fox became jealous and more hostile towards Clara due to her feelings for Jacob.

Will RecklessEdit

The Red FairyEdit