Fairy is a species in the Cornelia Funke universe.

Inkheart trilogyEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

"Sometimes, when I went to the spring to wash early in the morning, there'd be tiny fairies flitting around above the water, not much bigger than the butteflies you have here, and blue as violet petals."
Dustfinger about the fairies in the Inkworld

Fairies are violet-blue butterfly-sized creatures. For some unknown reason, they glowed in the dark


"Sometimes they spat in my face. They weren't very friendly, but they shone like glowworms by night."

They aren't particularly vain, as Dustfinger states that they would paint their faces with mud so that he could guess the fairy underneath the layer.


The Fairies are exclusively female immortal beings who dwell in their valley and have magical powers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

They are lovely beyond compare and arouse lust to the point of suicide in mortal men. They have six fingers on each hand, each for a curse.