Ella Littlejohn
Ella Littlejohn
Age 10 (Ghost Knight)

18+ (Ghost Knight)

Home Zelda's house
Gender Female
Family members Mr. Littlejohn (father)

Mrs. Littlejohn (mother)
Matthew Littlejohn (uncle)
Margaret Hartgill (aunt)
Zelda Littlejohn (paternal grandmother)
Jon Whitcroft (step-cousin)
Two unnamed females (step-cousins)

Hair colour Black
Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Ghost Knight

Ella Littlejohn is a student at Salisbury Cathedral School. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn, the granddaughter of Zelda Littlejohn, the niece of Matthew Littlejohn and Margaret Hartgill, and the step-cousin of Jon Whitcroft and two unnamed females.


Ghost KnightEdit

Main article: Ghostknight

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Physical AppearanceEdit


Ella is mentioned to to be very similar to her grandmother, Zelda Littlejohn.


Zelda LittlejohnEdit

Zelda is Ella's paternal grandmother.

Jon WhitcroftEdit

Matthew LittlejohnEdit

Matthew is Ella's uncle. She reportedly calls him "Uncle Matt".


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