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Occupation Fire-eater
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Gender Male
Family members Roxane (wife)

Brianna (daughter)
Rosanna (daughter)
Jehan (stepson)

Hair colour Ginger

Blond (film)

Eye colour Black
Race/Species Human
Weapon Fire
Fate Alive
Appearances Inkheart


Portrayed by Paul Bettany

Dustfinger is a fire-eater and the owner of the horned marten Gwin.


Original Inkheart historyEdit

Dustfinger was born in the kingdom of Argenta, where he grew up along with The Black Prince, with whom he apparently got into great mischief from the fact that the two were pilloried together at age 11

Dustfinger is a fire eater who was plucked from a different world along with Capricorn and Basta through a fantasy novel read aloud by Mo Folchart. In his native world, Dustfinger has the rare ability to control fire by speaking to it, and, when he finds himself thrust into Mo's universe, he continues to make his living by busking.
Dustfinger is never seen without his pet horned marten, Gwin. His apprentice, Farid, who was also read out of his world in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights by Mo, is pleased to be freed from constant work and possible beatings. Dustfinger, on the other hand, longs to return to the world he had known, and seeks out a person with the same gift as Mo to read him back.

Dustfinger was fated to die at the hands of Capricorn's men whilst trying to save his marten, Gwin.


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Physical AppearanceEdit


Dustfinger is more or less a paradox. He is compassionate yet detached, and is expression his always that of indifference. He is no open book, so is never easy to tell what he is thinking. He often displays many cowardly characteristics. He betrays his friends for personal gain and runs away from a fight. He shows a conscience, however, as he is often haunted or guilty about his actions. His heart is in the right place, and he sometimes exhibits rare shows of extreme bravery. He is very independent and reserved. 



Roxane is Dustfinger's devoted and beautiful wife. She loves him very much, but hates that he just can't bring himself to settle down and is always disappearing. Had suspicions of Dustfinger's unfaithfulness to her after he returns from his ten-year absence, but accepts him back into her house with relief and love.


Farid is amazed by Dustfinger's skill with fire. He is extremely loyal and devoted to Dustfinger, so much that Roxane suspects that Farid is Dustfinger's son by another woman during his absence. Farid later becomes Dustfinger's apprentice.

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Gwin is Dustfinger's pet horned martin. Gwin follows Dustfinger wherever he goes and is completely loyal and devoted to its master, protecting Dustfinger from anything or anyone Gwin considers is a threat to him. He is usually perched on Dustfinger's shoulders.