Dottor Massimo
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Home Venice
Gender Male
Family members Mrs. Massimo (wife; deceased)
Scipio Massimo (disowned son)
Signor Massimo
Hair colour Raven black (assumed)
Eye colour Brown (assumed)
Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances The Thief Lord
Portrayed by Robert Bathurst

Dottor Massimo is the husband to deceased Mrs. Massimo and former father of Scipio Massimo. He is also the minor antagonist in The Thief Lord.


Dottor Massimo at one point married Mrs. Massimo and had a child, Scipio, with her. After his wife's death, he built a cinema called Stella, which is disused at the beginning of the story and home to a gang of street urchins.

The Thief LordEdit

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Dottor Massimo, according to his son Scipio, is a very strict, spoiled, selfish, serious, hateful, aggressive, bad-tempered, jealous, envious, dishonest, careless, sadistic, cold-hearted, callous, insane, cunning, abusive, malicious, spiteful, arrogant, angry, greedy, cruel, impatient, vicious, uncaring, unkind, unfriendly, unhappy, infelicitous, unpardonable and rude person. He showed a dislike for Scipio, when he discovered things were being stolen, Scipio framed his nanny, because if Scipio had confessed, Docttore Massimo would've made him walk around with a sign that says: I AM A THIEF.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dottor Massimo's appearance is left ambiguous, however he is said to be tall and thin. It is also stated that when Scipio rides the magic merry-go-round, becoming older, he looks similar enough to Dottor Massimo to fool Ernesto Barbarossa.