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Gender Female
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Race/Species Human
Appearances Reckless

Clara is a medical student and a major character in Reckless.


Clara chose to study medicine and worked shifts at a hospital to pay for her education.

Meeting WillEdit

During a shift at the hospital where she worked Clara bumped into Will Reckless, who was visiting his gravely sick mother. After two weeks, Will got the courage to ask Clara out on a date in the hospital cafeteria, where Will told her about a stray dog, which he brought on their second date.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Clara is presumed not to be photogenic, as Jacob states that she is prettier than the photos Will has of her. She has fair hair cut short like a boy's, and blue eyes.


Clara can sense people's emotions very easily, shown when she could tell that Jacob was scared, even though Jacob hides his feelings exceptionally well.


Will RecklessEdit

Clara currently is dating Will and loved him so much she refused to leave the Mirrorworld.

Jacob RecklessEdit

At first Jacob's relationship with Clara was one out of reluctance and anger, due to the fact that Jacob wanted to send Clara back to the real world, something to which she refused. But this is confused by the fact that Clara and Jacob kissed under the influence of Larks' Water.


Fox and Clara become good friends over time, though at first Fox regards Clara with suspicion, due to the fact that Clara doesn't look like the women of the Mirrorworld, who wear long dresses and keep their hair pinned up or braided like peasant girls. Their relationship is strained, however, when Jacob and Clara accidentally drink Lark's Water


  • Clara is historically based on Henriette Wild, Wilhelm Grimm's wife.