Burr-Burr-Chan is a four-armed brownie that helps to guide Ben and the others to the Rim of Heaven.

History Edit

Early life Edit

work in progress

Dragon Rider Edit

work in progress

Physical Appearance Edit

Burr-Burr-Chan is a four-armed mountain brownie, or Dubidai, with paler fur than Sorrel.

Personality Edit

He is very tricky and clever, but overall is kind.

Relationships Edit

Firedrake Edit

He is a silver dragon who is very generous

Ben Edit

Ben and Burr-Burr-chan didn't really talk to much aside from when they first met where Burr-burr-chan spoke about the dragons in the rim and what drove them to hiding.

Sorrel Edit

Sorrel is fond of Burr-Burr Chan, and doesn't act so grumpy with him.

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