Amalie of Austry
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Gender Female
Family members Kami'en (husband)

Unnamed prince consort (ex-husband)†
Therese of Austry (mother)
Crookback (first cousin once removed)

Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Reckless

Amalie of Austry is the daughter of The Empress, formerly the late wife of an unnamed prince consort , and the third wife of Kami'en, King of the Goyl.


A prince consort whom Amalie was to marry declared that he was extremely disappointed in Amalie's physique, resulting in the Empress offering a fortune in gold for a Fairy lily, the scent of which was reputated to turn ugly girls into beautiful women. Amalie's husband died soon afterwards in a hunting accident, which was rumoured to be arranged by Amalie herself.


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The Empress is seen signing a contract to give her daughter, Amalie, to Kami'en to ensure peace between the two races. Posters of the two are featured everywhere.

Later, when the Empress tries to regain Amalie, she is horrified, because for her own reasons she actually wants to marry Kami'en. Kami'en later lets them live as a "wedding present".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Before she breathed in the scent of the Fairy lily, she was rather ugly. Since she was transformed, she has blank features: a bland, blank face, and blank eyes.


Therese of AustryEdit


The Dark FairyEdit

It is hinted that Amalie is unhappy that her husband Kami'en would bring the Dark Fairy, his mistress, to their wedding ceremony.